Friday, March 27, 2015

Real Heroes in Fresno

I recently attended the Red Cross Real Heroes program in Fresno, where exceptional individuals are recognized for acts of courage, heroism, and service. An amazing group of people was recognized – soldiers, law enforcement officers, and numerous everyday people who performed extraordinary acts in their communities.

Along with U.S. Marshal Albert Najera, I had the honor of presenting the Congressional Badge of Bravery to Deputy U.S. Marshal Stephen Mroczka, who was shot twice while apprehending a dangerous fugitive in Fresno. The suspect, who was wanted in connection with a violent sexual assault, opened fire on U.S. Marshals who came to capture him at a house where he was staying. Despite being shot in the chest and abdomen, Deputy Mroczka fired back and immobilized the fugitive. It was one of many astounding stories we heard about a truly extraordinary group of Americans. My thanks to the Red Cross for hosting this outstanding event.  

Friday, March 13, 2015

A week in the Valley


I was back in the Valley this week, where I enjoyed having a townhall meeting with around a hundred Cigna employees who discussed ObamaCare, jobs, water, and other issues with me. Hundreds of Cigna jobs in Visalia had been jeopardized by ObamaCare regulations that put U.S. insurers at a disadvantage with foreign-based companies in issuing health plans for Americans living overseas. However, a bipartisan group of House members passed a law I co-authored to cancel those regulations, and the cancellation was enacted into law in December. You can read about the townhall meeting here and here.  
I also had some good exchanges this week with local media and radio callers, who questioned me on ISIS, Hillary Clinton’s private emails, Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, and other topics. Here are some quick links to my interviews:  
·         ABC 30

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·         KMJ’s Ray Appleton

·         Powertalk’s Christopher Gabriel
·         Connect with Me’s John Malos