Thursday, February 22, 2018

ABC30 FAKE and LIBERAL "Action News"

I spent the day yesterday in Fresno, where I toured the Producers Dairy Food plant and had several other meetings and events. I'd especially like to thank the Fresno Chamber of Commerce for hosting a roundtable discussion. You can see some slides of my visit by clicking on the picture below: 

Unfortunately, the ABC 30 news network once again sent a reporter to ask me about wild accusations and Russian conspiracy theories that precisely mimicked the talking points of numerous left-wing organizations. Click on the link below to watch an exchange ABC 30 included in its report:

Continuing a remarkable string of similar coincidences, the reporter's appearance was quickly followed by the appearance of about half a dozen liberal protestors, as if they'd been encouraged to show up to provide the right backdrop for ABC 30's reporting.  

I believe Central Valley residents deserve unbiased, straight-forward reporting from local news networks, not political spin coordinated with left-wing groups. ABC 30 should be reporting news stories, not staging them.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Honored to be named Congressman of the Year

I'd like to thank Americans for Limited Government for naming me Congressman of the Year. To read their announcement, click here.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Fox News video on Nunes unmasking investigation

Yesterday Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier reported on the Obama administration's unmasking of Trump officials in U.S. intelligence reports. Click the picture below to watch the video:

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Nunes visits troops in Kosovo

As Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, I have the privilege of traveling throughout the world to visit our troops stationed overseas. Every one of these trips reminds me of the incredible dedication and courage that infuses the U.S. military, and the huge sacrifices our service members make for our nation. My recent visit to Kosovo was no exception, and I’d like to thank these soldiers for their selfless service.   

Friday, July 14, 2017

A snack in honor of global warming alarmists

Yesterday, in an attempt to convince California lawmakers to renew the state's dysfunctional cap and trade program, Governor Jerry Brown called climate change "a threat to human existence." He instructed lawmakers that their vote on cap and trade would be "the most important vote of your life" and warned of a future "horrible situation that you're going to see mass migrations, vector diseases, forest fires, [and] Southern California burning up."

Since the "environmentalists" are forcing California to dump millions of acre-feet of water into the ocean supposedly to benefit the smelt, a three-inch baitfish, I have to wonder whether some of this water might be useful for putting out Brown's cataclysmic fires.

You may be curious what you can do to avoid such a terrible fate. Conveniently, some academics published an article this week recommending four measures people can take to avoid the global warming apocalypse: have less kids, don't drive cars, don't fly on planes, and don't eat meat.

As environmental extremists continue subjecting us to their absurd doomsday predictions and their preposterous "solutions," I'm going to have a bite of a gift sent to my office by Rep. David Valadao: smelt-themed cupcakes.

Senate's turn: House passes CA water bill

The House of Representatives today passed a comprehensive water bill, the GROW Act (H.R. 23), that would resolve the perpetual water crisis in the San Joaquin Valley. Introduced by Rep. David Valadao, this legislation is vital for many Valley families and communities that are suffering from the debilitating effects of our water crisis. Although the Valley is still benefitting from our recent big rainfalls, don't be fooled -- since we can't save nearly as much water as we need due to a lack of storage capacity, the crisis will revisit us in full force in the near future.

The House has already passed numerous water bills that would bring meaningful relief to the Valley, only to see the legislation die in the Senate. Once again, I urge the Senate, and California's senators in particular, to quickly pass this bill or propose their own solution that would end this government-inflicted disaster and eliminate the Valley's 2.5 million acre-foot water shortfall. Without that kind of solution, nearly a million acres of land will be forced out of production.

To see my remarks about the water bill on the House floor, click on the picture below: