Thursday, February 22, 2018

ABC30 FAKE and LIBERAL "Action News"

I spent the day yesterday in Fresno, where I toured the Producers Dairy Food plant and had several other meetings and events. I'd especially like to thank the Fresno Chamber of Commerce for hosting a roundtable discussion. You can see some slides of my visit by clicking on the picture below: 

Unfortunately, the ABC 30 news network once again sent a reporter to ask me about wild accusations and Russian conspiracy theories that precisely mimicked the talking points of numerous left-wing organizations. Click on the link below to watch an exchange ABC 30 included in its report:

Continuing a remarkable string of similar coincidences, the reporter's appearance was quickly followed by the appearance of about half a dozen liberal protestors, as if they'd been encouraged to show up to provide the right backdrop for ABC 30's reporting.  

I believe Central Valley residents deserve unbiased, straight-forward reporting from local news networks, not political spin coordinated with left-wing groups. ABC 30 should be reporting news stories, not staging them.