Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The American Energy Act - We need to go nuclear

I and other members of the American Energy Solutions Group unveiled legislation on June 12th that will provide the United States long-term energy security – the American Energy Act, H.R..2846. A key component of the Republican bill is nuclear power – an area of energy policy I have spent considerable time examining.

The American Energy Act will:

  • Facilitate the construction of 100 nuclear reactors;
  • Create 240,000 high paying jobs, many of which would be permanent positions;
  • Yield more than $43 billion in new economic activity, generating $9.5 billion in new tax revenues;
  • Cut CO2 emissions in the United States by 40%;
  • Generate inexpensive power for more than 118 million households.
Republicans recognize that energy security means economic security. We understand that an "all of the above approach" is the only way to offer the American people lower energy costs today, while providing affordable long-term alternatives.

The construction of nuclear power plants in America is essential if we are to be serious about affordable electrical energy – energy that is clean, safe and capable of fueling the next generation of hybrid cars. Without nuclear power, our country will be forced to ration energy through high prices and taxes. We will fall into economic stagnation and experience long-term challenges that will be difficult to endure.

Congress must act on the American Energy Act. It is time to give the American people meaningful energy reform and real solutions to the problems we face.

The legislative text of the American Energy Act is here.