Thursday, August 13, 2009

“People are awake, watching. They are vigilant.”

"The topics of water and health care dominated a talk by Congressman Devin Nunes this morning in front of Fresno business leaders.

"In the wake of conservatives mobilizing at several town hall meetings across the U.S. to voice displeasure with Pres. Obama and current health care proposals, the Tulare Republican said he is heartened by citizens becoming informed and engaged against what he called 'Obamacare.

"'I’m proud of what’s going on,' Nunes said. 'People are awake, watching. They are vigilant.'

"... Nunes reassured the crowd he will not vote for any health care proposal that includes a public option for coverage. Nunes and other Republican lawmakers have floated alternative proposals, including one that would control costs by allowing people on Medicaid to take those government funds and purchase their own private health insurance plans.

"... He also reiterated his position on the water crisis. Nunes has been one of the most vocal representatives in Congress on relaxing Endangered Species Act rules to allow more water to be pumped to San Joaquin Valley growers."

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