Friday, September 18, 2009

There they go again

Yesterday the Department of Interior released a document in an attempt to confuse the water issue. I find it unbelievable that Interior denies a man-made drought exists! They defend the biological decisions that have devastated our region and make no secret of their belief that our water shortages are not their problem. Check out the document here.

I do agree with Interior in one respect: we are experiencing a drought. But the drought devastating the San Joaquin is not the fault of Mother Nature or global warming. It is a man-made.

The Northern Sierra’s precipitation (where Delta water comes from) has reached 95% of average and many of the reservoirs responsible for delivering our water were forced to spill as they became full. Overall, statewide precipitation is 81% of normal (see for yourself here).

California is naturally arid. Significant portions of our population centers were desert-like before water delivery systems were built. Once Democrats and Republicans worked together to create the world’s largest water storage and conveyance system. But no longer. Radical environmentalists who control the Democrat Party have forced on us a water shortage that is unique to the developed world: a government imposed drought that you would see in a dictatorship like Zimbabwe. If they win this battle in California, no one in our country is safe.