Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Nunes’ Top Ten Christmas Wish List

Congressman Nunes' Christmas list for 2009...

1) For Ray Appleton, a hat like Paul Rodriguez.

2) For Paul Rodriguez, a new hat.

Perhaps a bowler?

3) For the Fresno Bee’s Mark Grossi, a cruise ship for his next trip down the San Joaquin River.

4) For Fresno Bee reporter Mike Doyle, one of Gary Condit’s Baskin Robbins in Arizona.

5) For Speaker Nancy Pelosi, one of Boeing’s new 787 Dreamliner’s for those long trips home to San Francisco.

6) A solar powered plane to replace his fuel guzzling private jet for Governor Schwarzenegger’s next climate summit trip.

7) The addition of Central Valley farmers and farm workers to the endangered species list.

8) A new environmental think tank in Mendota for George Miller and his political allies in Congress.

(maybe some of the radical environmentalists who protested in Copenhagen can help run the center)

9) For Sean Hannity of FOX News, a salmon fishing trip with bailout recipients who will explain how the $250 million salmon disaster payments are being spent.

10) Hip boots for Interior Secretary Ken Salazar – his current boots aren’t high enough for his rhetoric.