Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fish Screen Stimulus


Today, the House Resources Committee held another hearing on the California water crisis. Predictably, the Democratic leadership blocked consideration of any legislation that would actually make a difference.

However, the American people are finally seeing the fruits of many months of hard work on the part of Congressional Democrats. Pelosi and her team now plan to pass legislation that authorizes stimulus money to be used on fish screens (I’m not joking). Apparently, smelt, salmon and killer whales everywhere are celebrating Congress’ commitment to the environment. But food lines in the valley are getting longer.

My testimony and several other clips have been posted my YouTube Channel. Please click here to watch.

The hearing today came on the heels of another propaganda victory by radical environmentalists – this time in the Sacramento Bee. In a 2,500 word editorial, long by any editorial standard, a radical environmentalist associated with High Country News boldly attempted to re-write history. Using the regurgitated talking points of President Obama’s water czar David Hayes, the author sought to marginalize my effort to turn on the pumps.

Not content with misleading statements about the cause of our water shortages, the author goes further and attacked those of us working to restore the flow of water. He described me as a “hot head” for forcing votes on restoring the flow of water to San Joaquin Valley communities. I always thought a hot head was someone who was quick tempered and threatened to punch someone during a disagreement, which is what Senator Dianne Feinstein did just last year. But you wouldn’t know that reading the Bee because Feinstein is described as a champion for valley farmers.

That’s because the author and his friends don’t like to hear the plain spoken truth, particularly on the national airwaves, and instead prefer the well trained behavior exhibited by California’s Democratic Senators. Paul Rodriguez, Ray Appleton, Sean Hannity, Inga Barks, Chris Daniel and the “sign waving flag totting throngs” who listen to them are not important. We are viewed as the uneducated masses, a backwards group of people in need of enlightenment.

And maybe some “enlightenment” is needed. But not about the history of the Delta or the nature of Mother Earth. The readers of the Sacramento Bee need to be enlightened about the radical environmental movement. If you visit the High Country News website, you will discover that the author of the Bee editorial and his friends are part of the “Environmental Justice” movement – a group of radicals who want to protect Mother Earth by forcing everyone to live according to their bizarre formula of sustainability. This means, in part, that commercial agriculture as we know it today will have to be abandoned and regions like ours will not be farmed.

Misleading editorials like this one should come with disclaimers. Newspapers should be doing more to inform the public about what is really happening. We need to regain control of our government and we need the pumps turned back on.