Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Nunes office seeking interns

I am looking for college interns for the fall and spring semesters to work in my Visalia, Clovis, and Washington, D.C. offices. My current interns drew up a list of reasons to apply:

Top 10 Reasons You Should Intern for Congressman Nunes

10.  You will encounter political figures whom you have only seen on television.
 9.    You will never be hungry because the offices have infinite amounts of jelly bellies and pistachios to snack on, and sometimes you’ll even get doughnuts.
8.      You will have a unique and often comical story to share with your friends and family after every workday. 
7.      You will constantly be amused by the staff’s sense of humor. (Some may call it sophomoric.) You’ll get this once you meet Chief of Staff Johnny Amaral. 
6.      You will become buddies with the Capitol Police, the Sparkletts Water Guy, and Art the Mailman. 
5.      You will never be bored because you will get to talk to new people on the phone all day and conduct tours for visiting constituents. 
4.      You will start answering your personal cell phone by saying, “Office of Congressman Nunes.” 
3.      You will become an expert at Google and acquire a whole new government-themed vocabulary. 
2.      You will always look snazzy because business casual is totally in. 
1.      You will develop lifelong friendships, and your résumé will look great. 

You can find more information and applications for internships on my website here or by calling (559) 733-3861.