Friday, December 12, 2014

U.S. Senate to Central Valley: “No water for you!”

The House of Representatives this week passed its third bill in three years to alleviate the California water crisis. Based on extensive, bipartisan House-Senate negotiations, the California Emergency Drought Relief Act (H.R. 5781) included numerous Senate demands. The bill did not even strive to permanently solve the crisis, instead proposing measures simply to bring some short-term relief to families and to help farmers get through the upcoming growing season. Nevertheless, the Senate refused to approve even these minimal, temporary actions, just as it declined to act on the previous House water bills. The House was also prepared to pass the measures as part of the Omnibus spending bill, but the effort was killed by Senate opposition.   

Having rejected all our initiatives, the senators should explain their plan for relieving the water crisis. As I argued on the House floor, by the way they’re acting, it’s almost as if they have no plan at all . . .  

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