Friday, November 6, 2015

Keystone rejected and Monday KMJ Appleton show appearance

After a seven-year-long review process, President Obama rejected the Keystone XL pipeline today. The pipeline received widespread backing from the American people and bipartisan support in Congress. That’s not surprising – for most people, deciding whether to create more jobs, boost economic growth, and secure more oil from a stable, friendly nation like Canada is pretty easy to do.

President Obama, however, sees things differently. Time and again, he has chased after his utopian dream of a “green economy” at the expense of the real economy. His presidency is littered with taxpayer guarantees for green-energy boondoggles, impossible promises to churn out a million electric cars, and attempts to implement destructive power plant regulations. As he showed when he visited the Central Valley last year and treated us to a monologue on global warming, for him, even the California water crisis is mainly a problem of climate change.

Regardless of how much President Obama wants our economy to be powered by rainbows and unicorns, we need real sources of fuel. Keystone was an important project that would have had real economic benefits. Like the California water supply, however, it's been sacrificed on the altar of environmental extremism.

Separately, I'll be on the Ray Appleton show on Monday at 1:00 PST on KMJ. You can listen live at this link